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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boston College Odds and Ends: March 2, 2006

Boston College has become more popular than ever; this year, BC experienced a nearly 12-percent spike in applications, receiving a record 26,000-plus applications for the 2,250 spots in the Class of 2010. "BC is the fourth most applied-to undergraduate private institution in the United States," said Tom Keady, vice president at the office of government and community affairs.

After briefly shutting its doors to all non Massachusetts residents, BC landmark MaryAnns is now open to all again.

The award-winning Boston College Magazine has a new look.

Elements, the University's first undergraduate research journal, has published its second edition of the semester. See previous coverage from The Boston Globe.

The Black Studies Program at BC recently announced that it will be known as African and African Diaspora Studies. The program was recently taken over by Cynthia Young. See previous BC Blog coverage here.

Boston College professor Derrick Evans '90, MAT '94, head of the Turkey Creek Community Initiatives, a nonprofit group fighting to preserve and revitalize the largely low-income neighborhood of Turkey Creek, Mississippi, has been helping with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Evans spent $20,000 of his own money immediately after the storm. More from CNN.com.
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