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  For Boston, for Boston,
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Boston College Odds and Ends: February 6, 2006

Master Plan

Work on the latest Boston College Master Plan is continuing, reports the BC Chronicle (see previous BC Blog coverage here and here).

The Boston College Campus Master Plan is being developed by Watertown-based Sasaki Associates and a team of subconsultants in conjunction with representatives from the BC community. The project has a home on the web here. Of note is the phase-by-phase "Work to Date" page, as well as some fun aerial photographs of BC.

Boston College Blogging

The Heights recently launched "interActive," which seeks to provide coverage to complement its print edition. Among its many features are several blogs: In the Crease, The Soapbox, and Dave's Neighborhood. Hint to The Heights: create feeds these blogs!

A new blog for the Web Technology group at Boston College was launched today. The site serves as the Webtech group’s main tool for communicating its business to the rest of the BC community.

A significant update to the Boston College Blogger Community, with around a dozen new BC blogs, is forthcoming.

Boston College Fund: Thank You

The Boston College Fund has posted its "Honor Roll" of all those who donated to the fund between June 2004 and May 2005. I did (Class of 2003), did you?

Record Applications Received

Boston College received over 26,000 applications for the Class of 2010, the highest in University history. The figure represents an increase of almost 12% over last year's total of 23,823, the previous high-water mark.

What makes BC such a hot choice for college-bound high schoolers across the country? Is it...
10 Things Every Student Must Do

The Boston College Observer is back this semester, reporting the top 10 things that every student at BC must do before graduation. The highlights: start an acapella group and go to a sporting event early. The former seems much more likely for the average student.

Holy Cross Football Rules

EA Poster "BCEagleChick" recalls this chant from the days of yore:

(Sing to Oh Christmas tree)
Oh Holy Cross, oh Holy Cross
All you eat is applesauce
You eat in morning, noon and night
You even eat it when you fight.
Oh Holy Cross on bended knee
Kiss the ass of ol' BC :)

Boston, You're My Home

I found this while surfing around, it was news to me:
You would think that Dirty Water was one of the more frequently recorded songs of the garage rock era, but we could find only three versions. This is surprising, because it's a great, upbeat song about debauchery. It was written by producer Ed Cobb for the Standells. It concerns the laments of a young man who hangs out at the Charles River waterfront with "muggers and lovers and thieves." Supposedly, it was inspired by a Boston College midnight curfew for women.
Can anybody substantiate this?

The Legends of Boston College

I also stumbled across this old webpage (only Google's cached version is available)...
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