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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Boston College: In Quotes XVIII

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Boston College - This is what Notre Dame wants to be: BC has won six consecutive bowl games and finished tied for the Atlantic Division title in its first year in the ACC. Al Skinner is about to take the basketball Eagles to their fourth tournament in six years.
-Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline.com

BC lacks a welcoming and warm community of women. We can be competitive toward each other in school and for guys' attention. We're cliquey and don't embrace those outside the norms of BC culture. Can't we all just be a little more open to each other?
-Cassandra da Costa '08

Harvard may have its whiz kids, BU its Beanpot titles, and Northeastern it's ... whatever ... but when it comes to experiencing "college" as it was written across John Belushi's sweatshirt, BC is the only Boston school worth mentioning.
-Kevin Armstrong '06

[P]ound for pound, or dollar for dollar if you will, we might be the most successful athletic program in the nation. And I say that even as I look out my Edmonds Hall window at the cavernous Yawkey (football only) Center. We have the #1 ranked hockey team in the nation, our football team boasts NFL players left and right and has the longest current winning streak in bowl games. But perhaps most surprisingly our basketball program is on its way to its fourth 20 win season in the last five years.
-Blogger "Scalzo"

BC's Catholic identity is at the heart of what it stands for - it is what separates the University from schools like Harvard or Boston University. But this identity should play a positive role on campus, rather than a negative. How will BC recruit the nation's top high school students, bring in the best faculty, and fulfill its mission of providing the best education possible if it tries to dilute what is acceptable to be debated on campus?
-The Heights Editorial Board

At age 17, Hasselbeck rolled into orientation at Boston College with the goal of most freshmen males, to target the best-looking female he could find. He scanned the room, found his opening and scrambled into a seat next to her. Looking over her shoulder, he copied down her schedule so he could be in every class with her.
-Dave Boling, Tacoma News Tribune

Matt Hasselbeck did himself a lot of good in Detroit. He was smart and charismatic with the media all week, wound up playing a better game than winner Roethlisberger, and made no excuses when it was over. Did Xaverian and Boston College proud ... Here's hoping he gets another chance in the big game. Bet he wins next time.
-Dan Shaughnessy

And just for the record, I considered expanding this list to 10 and including snarky ones like "What about the inherent dangers of a former Boston College quarterback (Hasselbeck) being involved in the biggest gambling event of the year? It's like inviting Tom Sizemore to one of those 'Eyes Wide Shut' parties."
-Bill Simmons (Holy Cross '92, Boston University MA '93), introducing the five most underrated stories of Super Bowl XL
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