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Friday, February 17, 2006

Boston College: In Quotes XIX

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I will hopefully pick up again soon - until then, here are some more Boston College quotes that you love so well. Old quotes here.

At BC, there are a lot of students dedicated to service because of study abroad experiences or other service trips to other countries. BC fosters an environment of community awareness and altruism, which is reflected in the saying 'men and women for others.'
-George Rutherford, Peace Corps recruiter

And here in Boston, the No.17 Boston College Eagles might as well be a Division II team for all the attention they receive. In Saturday’s editions of the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, not one word was devoted to previewing Saturday’s Clemson-Boston College matchup, won by the Eagles. It’s a shame, really...
-Greg Wallace, Anderson Independent-Mail writer

I go to the Beanpot to cheer for BU football.
-Kathryn Dill, A&S '08

The Boston College fans pulled out of the arena so quickly last night, we thought they went to UMass.
-The Daily Free Press, on BC's Men's Beanpot loss to BU

I spoke with Baldwin, the mascot, yesterday, and there are no hard feelings.
-Charles Geyer, BU thug, who tackled BC's mascot between the second and third periods of Monday's Beanpot Championship Game.

Since BC's re-emergence as a hockey power in the mid nineties, they have consistently won more games, more Hockey East championships and been ranked number one more, yet they can not beat BU for the Beanpot, except twice in the last ten times they've played. Make me want to hug a Braves fan. What makes it especially galling is that hockey is all BU really has. It's the only level taunting playing field, unless you want to argue about the relative merits of the pep bands.

BU might have three stops on the B line train, but it was coined "The Boston College Line" for a reason.
-Lauren Crowne, Heights journalist

Today when I should have been studying, I made a list of some of the things I love about Boston College. Here they are:
  • On Valentine’s Day condoms are scattered across walkways and taped to doors for the love birds on campus.
  • The t-shirts advertising for the Vagina Monologues. Picture the I <3>
  • When is it only 40 degrees people make sure to wear their shorts and flip flops.
  • On the day of an exam, you get to see how many people are actually in your class!
  • The Jesuit faith was founded by Ignatius and yet, for our theology class we were told to return the books we had on Ignatius because we won’t be studying him.
-LiveJournal user "wshflthnkr"
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