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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boston College Hockey Game to be Played at Fenway Park

From today's Boston Globe:
What started out as a concept a year ago will turn into reality in December when the Boston College men's hockey team plays a regular-season game under the lights, as well as the stars, at Fenway Park.

''We're going to do it," said a BC official yesterday. ''It's just a matter of finding an opponent and a date that will work. But we're going to play a game in Fenway."

The details will be worked out over the next several weeks, and they could include the Boston University team as part of a doubleheader. The original idea called for such a doubleheader, with BU and BC against teams from the Midwest, possibly Michigan and Michigan State.
The article goes on to note that the partnership between BC and the Fenway Sports Group was the "catalyst" behind this venture. The ACC will also reportedly discuss holding the conference baseball tournament at Fenway Park at meetings this weekend in Florida.
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Comments on "Boston College Hockey Game to be Played at Fenway Park"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/08/2006 03:12:00 PM) : 

A doubleheader makes sense but why should BU benefit from the BC-Red Sox deal? This has the potential of distinguishing BC's program, and the BU rivalry is hyped-up enough as it is in the regular season/Beanpot/Hoeckey East. I say use this as an opportunity to bring in Minnesota/Colorado/Michigan type schools that BC doesn't see regularly in the season and use the second game for a womens' matchup with the same school.


Blogger BC Eagle said ... (2/08/2006 04:18:00 PM) : 

I agree. Plus, BC already faces BU in 3 conference games + 1 likely Beanpot matchup (every third year it's guaranteed) + 1-2 HE tournament games + 1 possible NCAA bid. I suppose a BC/BU matchup would count as one of the HE conference games, but that would be a bad move as it would all but relinquish the home ice advantage.

But, yes, the bottom line is that I would not want to see BU benefit from the publicity this would generate, which I think would be significant (mostly because it is Fenway, such a famous sports landmark). It is also a good recuriting tool - and it would be nice to exclude BU from that angle. I think Northeastern is a natural local pick due to their location, but you're right it could be a good way to lure a big Western out east. We could even agree to go out there the following year and play on Lambeau (like the game this 2/11) or something.

I don't think a women's matchup is a good idea because there would simply be no interest - people would leave after the men's game or arrive late to miss the women's match.


Blogger Stephen said ... (2/08/2006 04:59:00 PM) : 

this is a great idea...ever since the "Cold War" between Michigan and Michigan State hockey teams a couple of years ago, i have hoped BC would get a game in Fenway. I agree with keeping BU out of the fun, if you can't get a team to come East, perhaps UMass (Amherst, obviously)???

BC '03
FSU '06


Anonymous Swift said ... (2/13/2006 05:04:00 PM) : 

Awesome idea, which will certainly make for an incredible experience for players and fans alike. And an even better idea is to exclude that classless BU program from freeloading on the Fenway arrangement.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/13/2006 12:18:00 PM) : 

how is this progressing? any firm date(s) yet?

bc '88


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/29/2006 06:10:00 PM) : 

If this game happens it is a strong recruiting tool for BC hockey, not that BC has trouble finding players. If only it could become an anual game. Also the money generated from such a game could be enourmous. Now you'll be looking at packing in roughly 40,000 people rather than 12,000.
I do not think this game could be played against a BU, a Maine, a UNH because it would likely be put as a conference game and thats too important of a game to play where too many things can go wrong. If you could start an outdoor rivalry with someone that would be the best. If say a Michigan, or St. Cloud St. or Denver played here outside one year and then travel to there place next year it could be alot of fun.



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