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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boston College Falls to Duke, 83-81

The Boston College men's basketball team fell to the #2-ranked Duke Blue Devils 83-81 at a sold-out Conte Forum last night. Read about the game at bceagles.com, and check out the quotes of the game below.

Also, it is imperative that you visit The BC's homepage and view their latest commercial, which stars Tim Russert, Jared Dudley, John Oates, Louis Hinnant, Sean Marshall. It chronicles the escapades of Mr. Russert and his son, Luke, as they try to procure tickets to the Duke game. Hilarity ensues. You can download the video here (hosted by The BC).

Read about the media coverage of the game from the business section of The Boston Herald. Also, ESPN's Andy Katz has a story on the game here.

The Game, By The Numbers

8,606 - Fans in attendance at a sold out Conte Forum
37/13 - Foul shots taken by Duke/BC
28 - Season-high point total by BC's Jared Dudley
7 - Shots blocked by Duke's Sheldon Williams
$800 - Ticket price outside the gates, reported by ESPN pre-game coverage
18 - Duke's largest lead
12 - Tents filled with BC students lined-up for courtside seats before the game
1 - Shameful post-game articles written by Bob Ryan

The Game, By The Quotes

"[Conte Forum] is right up there with the Marylands, NC States, and Carolinas. It was great tonight. It was a great college basketball atmosphere. What I liked most was that they were cheering for their team. They weren't about 'let's heckle this guy.' It was 'let's cheer for BC.'
-Duke assistant coach Chris Collins

I commend the fans for coming out like that. A lot of people don't give our fans the credit that they deserve, but tonight I think they did a good job sticking with it even when we were down.
-Louis Hinnant

This is definitely wild. I saw all the kids outside with the tents. I don't think we had this when I was here."
-BC legend Troy Bell

Boston College even got Flutie to wear one of those bright yellow "Solid Gold" T-shirts printed up for the occasion. Did anyone else with a passing familiarity of the NBA catch themselves wondering briefly whether those shirts were a marketing campaign for Patrick Ewing's favorite Atlanta gentlemen's club?
-Lorenzo Perez, The News Observer (NC)

I’m proud of our guys because it was an honor to play against this team.
-Coach K

That Duke won by 2 points shouldn't fool anyone. With even a smidgen of better reffing, BC would have won the game. But why should anyone think that Duke will ever stop getting the calls?
-The Daily Quickie

But the biggest star was the crowd, a raucous sell-out, gold-clad crowd that vigorously christened the Conte Forum as another ACC madhouse.
-Ned Barnett, The News Observer

Boston College got everything it expected from its first Atlantic Coast Conference matchup with Duke. A boisterous crowd. An exciting game. And a loss.
-The Associated Press

Coming off a four game win-streak, a two-point loss to Duke isn't exactly the death knell for Boston College. In addition, BC may have finally shed its reputation for having apathetic fans with the scene tonight.
-Chris Inkpen, blogcritics.org

But even as it rose to No. 6 in The Associated Press Top 25, BC still had trouble drawing attention away from the New England Patriots' playoff run and the Red Sox front office mayhem. On Wednesday night, it was the pros' turn to watch.
-The Associated Press

Our house! Our house!
-Tim Russert, yelled at BC's Sean Marshall during a timeout
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Comments on "Boston College Falls to Duke, 83-81"


Anonymous Swift said ... (2/03/2006 11:36:00 AM) : 

Awesome coverage and quotes.

Bob Ryan is such a joke.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/03/2006 12:28:00 PM) : 

Did Bob Ryan get stuck on College Road as a sophomore? Or maybe he had a bad Hungarian Noodle Bake experience at Lower? Where does all this bitterness come from?? Whatever it is, he is an embarrasment and his BC degree should be revoked.


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