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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Boston College People: January 25, 2006

Boston College professor Franco Mormando was recently given the honorary title of knight for his ''achievements in the promotion of Italian language and culture" by Pierluigi Squillante, the consul general of Italy in Boston.

Marketing Associate Professor Kathleen Seiders has been named the winner of the Thomas C. Kinnear/Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Award, which honors the article that "makes the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues" within the past three years. Seiders earned the award for "Obesity and the Role of Food Marketing: A Policy Analysis of Issues and Remedies," which she co-wrote with Babson Law Professor Richard Petty. (via BCInfo)

The top executive of Procter & Gamble Co., A.G. Lafley, spoke at the Boston College Chief Executives' Club Wednesday. Lafley announced a local charitable donation as well as technology and commercial partnerships in the wake of P&G's recent acquisition of Boston-based Gillette Co.

As reported by the Boston Globe:
Boston College sophomore Luke Russert, the son of ''Meet the Press" host Tim Russert, will join politico James Carville as host of a new sports-themed talk show on XM Satellite Radio. Carville, who's a regular on Luke's dad's Sunday morning political talk show, said in a statement: ''This [new] show will be another opportunity for me to engage in the back-and-forth debates on sports that, until now, Luke and I have limited to the stadium." He added, ''I talk about sports the same way I talk about politics, so it's safe to assume that Luke will be wrong most of the time. . . ."

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