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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boston College: In Quotes XVII

More BC quotes... Old ones here.

Boston College is gorgeous; plenty of neo-Gothic architecture, old stone buildings, a beautiful Cathedral, and it's built on the western outskirts of Boston. It's wonderfully long and relaxing ride on the T (Boston's Subway) out there, and its nice geographically, being built on some low hills.
-Blogger "Troy"

We walked around Boston College, which was nice. And huge. Jesuits sure do know where to put their money. If I end up there, I could at least count on losing my "freshman fifteen" just by walking from one end of the hillside campus to the other. I'm not sure if it's really that huge or if it's just the hills that make it seem huge. Either way, it feels huge ... It looks nice though. And the people are nice. I already have a surrogate mother lined up at the admissions office. Her name is Linda.
-LJ "doublespeaking"

I legitimately just got this in the mail today ... I didn't know they knew I was out here playing, but apparently they do.
-Super Bowl-bound Seahawks QB, and former Eagle, Matt Hasselbeck, said while sporting BC hat

You'll always be McElroy to me, Carney's.
-Blogger "Chrissa"

A cross balances atop the spire of Lyons Hall on Boston College's campus. But a hint of a Jewish presence — a small Israeli flag — is visible through one window of the Gothic-influenced building. That's the office of Maxim Shrayer, chair of the Slavic and Eastern languages department — which is also the home of Boston College's new Jewish studies program.
-Jeri Zeder, Forward journalist

This is Boston freaking College, not UC-Berkely! You can't hand out condoms on campus, you can't have co-ed dorms like they did on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, and you sure as hell can't have a dance themed "A Night in Gay Paris!"
-Will Hobson, A&S '06

The world (and Boston College along with it) needs less intolerance and more dancing. I'm not a theologian, and I haven't read the New Testament recently, but I have a feeling that Christ would have agreed.
-Peter Kugel, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department

We Want Duke!
-BC fans
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Comments on "Boston College: In Quotes XVII"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/31/2006 11:41:00 PM) : 

You've forgotten to put a "[sic.]" in Mr. Hobson's illuminating quote about the University of California. It's sad that the Heights editorial board would publish such garbage, and sadder still that aparently they can't spell either.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/31/2006 11:44:00 PM) : 

whoops *apparently ... that's kind of funny, but hey I don't write for the Heights.


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