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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boston College: In Quotes XVI

Time for the sixteenth installment of Boston College: In Quotes. Check out older quotes here.

Maybe this Atlantic Coast Conference thing wasn’t such a good idea for Boston College after all.
-The Associated Press, after the BC men's basketball team opened conference play with three straight losses against ACC foes

[T]he narrow, provincial, and unsophisticated small-mindedness that lies at the heart of the GLBT dance decision runs entirely counter to the upbeat, expansive, forward-looking stance that has fueled BC's meteoric trajectory into the ranks of America's finest universities.
-Michael Resler, chair of and professor in the German Studies department

Doug Flutie casts a long shadow at BC. Most of his legacy is in the record books and highlight reels. No one will ever be Flutie on the field…or under the helmet. When I say under the helmet, I am not talking about brains or football IQ. Flutie set the bar high in those categories, but he is untouchable in something else -- hair.
-The Eagle in Atlanta

Nowhere on either of the three Boston College campuses is there an outdoor track or an indoor track which can be practiced upon ... How is a huge addition put on to Alumni Stadium and yet our track team still has to go to Harvard University to practice? ... [N]othing screams "big time athletics" like busing ACC athletes to an Ivy League school for practice. Talk about a hole-in-one!
-Blogger Casalanca

[I]f the fans at Conte Forum do not create a passionate, frenzied atmosphere for the remaining home games, the ACC teams are going to come in here with absolutely no fear of Boston College.
-Ted Sarandis

Professors [at Boston College] seemed too busy to get to know him, he said, and graduate students taught most of his classes. The students struck him as pampered; they called home whenever they needed cash, he said, while he worked a night job at a restaurant to earn spending money.
-David L. Marcus of the New York Times, describing the experience of former BC student Ridley Gunderson

When you gather 75 BC students, most of them not knowing each other, and basically leave with everyone being good friends - that is what makes BC what it is.
-David DeBarros, A&S '06, talking about a recent service trip to Pascagoula and Biloxi, Mississippi

Boston College's Conte Forum ... almost has the feel of the inside of an old Boston train station, one that has been fully renovated and made into a basketball arena.
-Chip Alexander, The News Observer (NC)
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Comments on "Boston College: In Quotes XVI"


Blogger Adam said ... (1/20/2006 01:00:00 AM) : 

I have no idea what Ridley Gunderson is talking about regarding Grad Students. I have never had a grad student as my teacher for a class. In my discussion groups that meet outside of the lecture-hall class, those may be led by a grad student... but grad students rarely if ever teach actual classes.

Apparently he also never met all the work-study students that work in every department at BC. Sounds more like he was homesick and never could reconcile the 4 hour travel time from NYC to Boston.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/20/2006 02:34:00 AM) : 

Adam- I'm glad to hear your take on this. I graduated almost a decade ago so, as I read the article, I wasn't sure if BC's academic quality had really deteriorated, this guy was making stuff up or the NYT was unfairly characterizing BC's classroom experience based on this sole perspective, authentic or otherwise.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/20/2006 02:41:00 AM) : 

Michael Resler's Op-Ed is touching and right on. I was surprised that there was no other mention of this in yesterday's Heights or among the letters to the editor. Then again, I did not write anything myself, figuring others would ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/28/2006 02:12:00 AM) : 

Yeah, Gunderson just couldn't handle it and felt the need to say this instead. This guy has always been full of it.


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