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  For Boston, for Boston,
  We sing our proud refrain!

  For Boston, for Boston,
  'Tis widsom's earthly fane.

  For here all are one, and
  their hearts are true, and
  The towers on the Heights
  reach to Heaven's own blue.

  For Boston, For Boston,
  Till the echoes ring again!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boston College: In Quotes XV

Send along any good BC quotes you come across.

The song “For Boston” speaks of old time college campus and old time football. The Screaming Eagles Marching Band - who don’t seem to scream much, though they do sing a fairly impressiveversion of the fight song in question - have a nice full sound. The whole thing is just too Rites of Autumn to pass up.
-Cap'n History

When BC has some OOC opponents that any fan can get slightly excited about, they'll make more of an effort to get that information out there ... but if I had to read about all our future games against Buffalo, Maine, URI, FAU, Gallaudet, the Merchant Marine Academy, Bowdoin, Pine Manor and Wellesley, it would make me angry.
-Eagles Talon

Our captain is a tremendous leader. If you offend our leader, you're offending the whole team. When you offend our leader and our role model, you basically target our family and that's what Boston College football is about.
-Ryan Glasper, BC Strong Safety

FIRE TOM O'BRIEN! PLEEEEEEAAAASSEEEE! He could give BC an opportunity to lose to Boise State! Oh wait HE ALREADY DID THAT! His inability is unparalleled!
-The Boston Slant

Vatican hackers gain access to the BCS computers and produce a national title game between Notre Dame and Boston College. "The Lord," Pope Benedict XVI chuckles, "works in mysterious ways."
-David Teel, Newport News Daily Press, predicting 2006-07 bowl scenarios

It’s Math-i-as Ki-wa-nu-ka!
-The Boston College football team, chanted after the MPC Computers Bowl so lingering Boise State fans would have no doubt about how to pronounce Kiwi's name

To be perfectly honest Doug, I am using your dropkick as an excuse to tell you how proud you make us around here. You may be thinking it is the Hail Mary pass of Boston College fame. But while that is how we have come to remember you, it is your work with autism that has been most impressive ... Having covered a hearing at the Massachusetts Statehouse on the subject and talked to parents and advocates, your name has often come up as a major reason the public has focused on this issue.
-Paul Sullivan
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