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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Boston College Athletics: January 25, 2006

Take That, Tar Heels

The #18 Boston College men's basketball team defeated the #25 University of North Carolina in the Dean Dome 81-74 tonight, improving to 15-4 overall and 3-3 in ACC play.

Head coach Al Skinner earned his 300th career coaching victory with the win.

The Eagles have now won four straight, and will look to continue the streak as they host Georgia Tech this Sunday in Chestnut Hill.

Here's Your Ball Game, Folks

The Boston College football team has announced its 2006 schedule, available here. The schedule features 7 home games, including the now-traditional Thursday night matchup agianst Virginia Tech. BC will visit the Orange Bowl to play the University of Miami Hurricanes on Thanksgiving night, November 23, 2006, which is 22 years to the day from Doug Flutie's Miracle in Miami.

Boston College Wins the Rose Bowl

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The #6-ranked Boston College co-ed sailing team won the "Rose Bowl" in Long Beach, CA, the first intersectional of 2006.

Boston College Hockey

Former Boston College star Chuck Kobasew had his first career hat trick for the Calgary Flames.

Current Eagle and Boston Bruins prospect Brock Bradford was featured by the New England Hockey Journal.

The women's ice hockey team extended their win streak to 7 straight by completing a sweep over mail-order degree school Boston University. The Eagles won the first contest Saturday afternoon at Conte Forum 5-2 and then took care of the Terriers 2-1 up the road at Walter Brown Arena.

The DeFilippo Family Scholarship

Boston College Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo and his wife Anne have made a $100,000 gift to the University, which will go towards establishing a scholarship for a deserving female student-athlete.
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Comments on "Boston College Athletics: January 25, 2006"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/11/2007 09:13:00 PM) : 

Other ACC schools need to take note of the assignment of ACC officials (refs) to UNC games. The ACC has enough officials to avoid assigning the same refs to officiate consecutive games at one school.

Officials Hess, Luckie, and Jones were assigned to the 3/4/07 UNC - Duke game (Jones called the intentional foul on Henderson (although, not an intentional foul with excessive contact; it was Luckie’s responsibility to make that call as the official under the basket – that violated the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules); Hess subsequently enhanced the call as a flagrant personal foul, assigning a one game suspension (again, the call was Luckie’s responsibility to make). These three officials were then assigned as follows for the ACC Tournament in FL:

- Jones worked both the FS game and was the lead official the next day for the BC game (i.e. Jones worked the Duke, FS, and BC games consecutively) ???
- Luckie worked the UNC-BC game with Jones; he also worked the NCST-VA game (VA tied with UNC for regular season championship) ???
- Hess was the lead official for the championship game with NCST ???

Officiating assignments in the ACC has been suspect for a long time. This is old hat in the ACC, going back to SC’s Frank McGuire; SC is the only school that finally gave up and left the ACC after winning the ACC Tournament in 1971. (McGuire was the coach of UNC’s 1957 NCAA basketball championship team – he understood ACC officiating).

The following excerpts from Adam Powell’s 2004 article are informative:

“ACC Fans Crave More Consistent Officiating” ( or You can’t change the stripes on a zebra)
By Adam Powell - ACCSports.com - February 25, 2004
- officials throughout the ACC have been called out in their own right, based on inconsistencies between crews and the manner in which they are scheduled for games. … the cries of foul on the part of ACC basketball fans seem to be more vocal and shared …
- ACC … scheduling practices, at least in the case of certain officials, deserves a closer look.
- officials who work multiple games with one or two schools will gain familiarity with those schools' players and coaches, along with their particular styles of play.
- Officials should be no more knowledgeable about one particular team in the league than any other, but when one referee works a disproportionate amount of games played by one school, he could be more likely to officiate into that team's style because of his enhanced familiarity with their system …
- This familiarity also gives coaches a psychological advantage, as they become more aware of what buttons to push on the official than a coach who has not been around that particular referee …
- they (refs) shouldn't work as many as four road games played by any single (UNC) conference member …
- The ACC also needs to do a better job of rotating the crews, so that every school in the conference is getting an arbiter who has no more knowledge about any one team than another.


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