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Friday, December 30, 2005

MPC Computers Bowl Officials Apologize

As reported by ESPN.com, officials with the MPC Computers Bowl have issued a formal apology to Boston College for remarks made at a banquet before this years game.

MPC chairman Mike Adkins personally apologized to BC DE and team captain Mathias Kiwanuka for a joke he made at Kiwanuka's expense at a pre-game banquet on Monday night. Adkins read a list of the "Top 10 things Boise and Boston Have in Common," including a joke to the effect that nobody in either city can properly pronounce Kiwanuka's name. According to ESPN, Adkins purposefully mispronounced Kiwanuka's name in the punchline and some Boston College players said later they found the joke insulting and disrespectful.

Kiwanuka has been quoted as saying that "there was no laughing it off," and that:
I was pretty livid about it at the time, but I tried to stay professional and remain calm. So I just kind of removed myself from the situation and left the banquet for a little bit and came back in and sat down and looked around at my teammates and they felt the same way and it brought us together a little bit.
Gary Beck, executive director of the bowl, has since said:
The MPC Computers Bowl, whose roots are based on a humanitarian model of service, would never attempt to discredit, humiliate or offend anyone. We again apologize to Mr. Kiwanuka for any discomfort or embarrassment the speech at the event caused him or his family. It was certainly unintentional and without any malice.
According to BC head coach Tom O'Brien, these comments coupled with general Boise State boosterism at the banquet inspired his team to defeat the Broncos on Wednesday night. Read more about the game at The Eagle in Atlanta.

More from The Idaho Statesman.
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