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Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Official: Boston College to Play in the MPC Computers Bowl

After several weeks of bowl speculation, the games were finally played, and Boston College has reportedly accepted an invitation to play in the MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, ID.

BC will square off against the WAC's 9-3 Boise State on December 28, 2005 at 4:30pm.

The news was first reported by The News Observer (NC), and has has been confirmed by ESPN.com.

Visit the official MPC Computers Bowl website here.

Join the debate over BC's invite to the MPC Computers Bowl on the BC Blog.
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Comments on "It's Official: Boston College to Play in the MPC Computers Bowl"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/04/2005 09:16:00 PM) : 

Congratulations to Boston College for an exceptional football season. This Boise State alum is delighted with the opportunity to watch such an outstanding program in the MPC Computers Bowl. While the weather in Boise may be brisk you will find the reception warm and friendly. The game promises to be a fine one. If you are planning to travel to Boise bring along your skis. Whether downhill or cross-country you'll find some excellent snow just minutes away.


Blogger Mark said ... (12/05/2005 10:51:00 AM) : 

I think the "catch" has been uncovered in the rosy ACC deal. BC pretty much has to win all of its games (in a league shared with Florida State and Miami); otherwise, the one Northern school in this Southern conference won't be the choice of the second-tier non-BCS bowls in the South that want a local team that travels with a lot of fans.

Meantime, Notre Dame, citing Big East commitments, has said it will no longer schedule BC after 2010. Goodbye, Holy War.

So BC goes 8-3, ties for the division lead, finishes in the top 20, and gets sent packing to a bowl in Siberia, while losing the one national rival most of its fans care most about. (But at least BC makes more $ into the bargain, I think.) Hard to put a good spin on that.

My suggestion -- bring back the Holy Cross game! ND schedules (and beats) 1-AA Navy every year. Why can't BC play HC as a tuneup to the annual WeedWacker Bowl? MCNS


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/05/2005 11:55:00 AM) : 

BC playing in this bowl is an abomination and a direct slap in the face to the school...I wish BC would have considered turning down this invite in protest to being the 4th best team in the ACC yet going to the 6th Bowl Pick, AND even lower ranked ACC teams in terms of finish (NCST) are attending more attractive venues against a higher quality opponent, shame on our AD for not expressing his outrage in the media


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/05/2005 11:56:00 AM) : 

The ACC: A Move in the Wrong Direction?

On Sunday, December 4th, Boston College was selected to go to its seventh consecutive bowl game. Congratulations to this year’s group of seniors. Thank you for continued success. Unfortunately, you guys have to play your final game in Boise, Idaho at the MPC Computers Bowl.

Such was seemingly the case after Southern bowl organizers declined to offer us a spot to a bowl game in their warm, sunny, entertaining cities. Like many seniors, I was planning on traveling to Dixie Land to cheer you guys on and show my support for your efforts and to see the team for last time as a BC student.

After Boston College was spurned by the South and had to settle for Idaho Potatoes instead of Mickey Mouse ears at the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando or peaches in Atlanta, new questions have arisen regarding the state of affairs for BC Athletics.

Has the move to the Atlantic Coast Conference provided a setback for Boston College?

Should Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo have anticipated such before joining a conference where our closest neighbor is 7 hours and 30 minutes, or 430 miles away? Sure, hindsight is 20/20. But did anyone expect us to be treated as equals in a conference where 10 of the 12 teams are south of the Mason-Dixon line?

After this recent MPC Computers Bowl bid acceptance and the student ticket fiasco in October, is DeFilippo competent enough to bring Boston College Athletics into a new era?

Will BC ever win a national championship or at least get to play in one? Or will we continue to have solid and respectable, yet left with much to be desired, 8-3 seasons? Better yet, will Tom O’Brien and offensive “guru” be held accountable for their mismanagement of the quarterback situation that essentially led to a charter flight to the Boise International Airport?

Were our new Southern “friends” just using us so they could receive a football championship game? Or will BC ever get to play in this game?

It seems like we got played like a red-headed stepson.

Part of the reason why BC joined the ACC was because of the academic superiorities of its member schools over such of Big East. The administration seemingly failed to recognize that the NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and not the National Collegiate Academic Association.

If BC had stayed in the Big East we would be in a BCS Bowl. But instead we are playing on blue turf that is actually the home stadium to the team that we are playing against in the bowl game. Instead of rewarding our football squad with a bowl game for its successful inauguration into the ACC, we effectively gave them another road game where the home team has won 31 consecutive times. Such is not fair for our players who had to endure double sessions in the dog days of summer.

Additionally, Notre Dame, our faithful Catholic rival has apparently refused to play us past 2010 in order to stay loyal to the Big East. If there is no Notre Dame game and BC is to play in the MPC Computers Bowl every year, what exactly will BC and DeFilippo have to offer to its students and alumni?

If I were AD of this fine institution, I am not so sure that I would have accepted the bid to the Potato Bowl. I would have made a statement to the NCAA that its bowl system is thoroughly flawed. A team that finished tied for first in one of the ACC divisions should not have been relegated subject to the evils and biases of parochialism.

I am not on the football team, but if I was I would rather have spent the holidays with my friends and family than in Idaho. Let us hope that one of our NFL-bound stars does not injure himself.

Sometimes change is a bad thing. Sometimes it is a good thing. In the athletic department administration maybe change is needed.

So much for Southern Hospitality. I miss the Big East.


Blogger Pete said ... (12/05/2005 01:19:00 PM) : 

Yeah, we're all mad that BC got stuck in Boise, ID. The ACC really is giving no love to a BC team that deserves to be in a bowl game that has some meaing to it. One thing is for sure BC bowl streak will continue, and the seniors will leave on a high note. I think the best thing for the Eagles to do is absolutely blow out Boise State, and show the country and the other bowl sponsors what they missed. Maybe next season we can have a bowl game at Alumni Stadium. This is considering what many bowl sponsors think that most of the BC fans don't travel, well this way we don't have to. Call it the The "Unwanted Bowl." The trophy could be of Brad Butler clipping Kiwi. Since it is clear that we are the unwanted team from the north, that was used to create the ACC title game. I hope BC schedules many late season home games, let these guys freeze.


Anonymous Swift said ... (12/05/2005 01:20:00 PM) : 

So let's see. The southern bowl organizers are reluctant to consider extending invites to BC, since they perceive that the students and alumni won't shell out the time and money to attend a travel game in a desirable location, and empty stands hurts the bowl's perception. So, BC gets relegated to a (comparatively) miserable venue in Idaho. And the students and alumni collectively decide that traveling to Idaho during Christmas vacation isn't worth their time and money, so they don't attend, further bolstering the image of uncommitted fans, and the cycle repeats itself. Now for some programs, this is great, but we're essentially in the exact same spot as seven years ago, with no development. Shame on GDF for not stepping up and pressing for a bowl game worthy of breaking the cycle...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/05/2005 01:43:00 PM) : 

After reading the Boston papers today one would get the impression BC is happy to get A bowl bid...I guess since BC is relegated to the back pages of the sports section in its own city what can we really expect...the only guy that truly covers BC is Ted Sarandis and he's off the air on a daily basis..I hope GDF & TOB realize true BC fans believe this invite is truly a slap in the face to the school


Blogger Pete said ... (12/05/2005 02:37:00 PM) : 

I think its time for BC fans to let there voices be herd. The athletic department is a joke, GDF says he has friends in the ACC, my question is who?, and does his so called friends like him? I personally emailed the athletic department about this. GDF has been given a free pass since we entered the ACC, now its time lay into him about this. They sound excited to get this invitation, just what all football fans want to see football in Boise. We shouldn't be that surprised because we're northern team in a southern conference.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/06/2005 10:47:00 AM) : 

How the heck is BC a 2 point uNDERDOG to Boise State??? I expected to see BC a 14 pt favorite


Anonymous Tom said ... (12/06/2005 12:24:00 PM) : 

I am as disappointed as anyone about going to Boise, but to say that the move to the ACC was bad is just ludricrous. Just because we are going to Boise this year does not mean that the whole thing was a bad idea. First of all, you can't determine whether or not it was a success after one year. Second, you people act like we NEVER got picked over for bowl games in the Big East. Please. Last year we should've gotten the Gator Bowl but instead we had to fight and negotiate our way into the Car Parts Bowl. We got picked over all the time because our fans don't travel. We were NEVER a desirable team by bowls in the Big East. And anyone who thinks we were the apple of the big east's eye is not living in reality. Our record in the big east under TOB was about .500 and this has been arguably our best decade of football. What makes you think we would've won the conference this year? We are notorious for playing to the level of our competition so I am sure we would've lost to WVU and Louisville or something. For God's sake we lost UNC.

As Swift said, it's a never-ending cycle. I think our fans will travel to a good bowl, i.e. Peach/Gator or anything on New Year's Day, but we won't ever get the chance to show it because our poor traveling reputation will prevent us from being selected for a big bowl.

What kind of power do you think GDF has? The bowl committes can do whatever they want. Swofford CANNOT FORCE them to pick in order of finish. He can't and anyone who thinks he can doesn't know what they are talking about. He can certainly try to persuade them one way or another (like Car Parts last year...) but he can't make them do anything.

The bowl system is ridiculously flawed, but Gene didn't create it. I hate the comments from the athletic department as well, but what do you expect them to say? Gene already publicly proclaimed that he was bothered by the fact that two teams we beat, NCST and UVA, ended up in "better" bowls. He said that already. He also said that at the next ADs meeting they are going to talk about restructuring the selection process so that this sort of thing won't happen again. Does all this mean it will be different next year? No, but after 1 year in the league everyone is saying Oh my God, what have we done? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.


Blogger BC Eagle said ... (12/06/2005 12:47:00 PM) : 

Amen, Tom. The future still looks bright. MPC will fall down on the ACC bowl pecking order, and they won't take us back-to-back so I think we can set our sights on a bigger bowl next year. Think of this as an initiation for the new guy ;)

Hell this could turn out better than a trip to, say, Car Care. At least we have an "excuse" to not travel to this one. Plus, even though it's on a weekday afternoon, the game is already pretty anticipated all things considered because of the "screw job," BSU's record on the smurf turf, etc. The team has a lot to play for, still.

And although this sounds hypocritical because deep inside I am really disappointed about the MPC bowl and would love to see BC in Peach, Gator of BCS sometime soon, but what are bowls other than a money making song and dance for the bowl committees and the host cities? Unless you're playing for a national championship (and win), this just becomes another line on the bceagles.com archives, whether we were in Car Care, MPC, Emerald, Champs, or even Gator. This isn't to undemine value in program-building ("come play for BC, we go to Jacksonville" sounds better than "we go to Boise") but just to make a point that this whole thing isn't the end of the world.


Anonymous AHL said ... (12/06/2005 03:10:00 PM) : 

Ditto what Tom and BC Eagle said.

Anyone who thinks we should still be in the BE is not thinking clearly. The BE's days are numbered. Everyone knows that including the media. And we all know the media has alot more control over what happens then they let on. Yeah it sucks about Boise. But you know what? NONE of this would be an issue if we beat UNC. That's it. Just beat freakin' UNC and at worst, we go to the Peach. But more than likely, if we beat UNC, we would have lost to Clemson, or Wake or UVA. TOB has hit a plateau that he must get over VERY SOON.


Blogger Pete said ... (12/07/2005 01:55:00 PM) : 

It seems like many writers on this blog are GDF believers. Here's what i know, he couldn't persuade any off the good bowl game sponsors to accept a 8-3 BC team. This is the job of a good athletic director, obviously he is not one of them. He can't persuade fans to enter the stadium early, and he can't persuade the Chestnut Hill neighbors on tailgating. He's been a failure as an athletic director. He can complain about the bowl system all he wants, but will he do anything about it. The answer is NO, he will continue to get pushed around. If i was him i would have turned down the MPC Computer Bowl. It's a slap in the face to Boston College athletics.

Now let's see if he can get anybody to attend this game.


Blogger BC Eagle said ... (12/07/2005 02:23:00 PM) : 

I disagree with most of what you said about GDF, Pete. Mostly because I don't think we have enough facts to arrive at a good decision, and I don't think we should judge him solely on the outcome (i.e. that we're in Boise), although that's a fair way of looking at it.

The reality is we don't know how close the Champs Bowl vote was - media reports say it was CLOSE. We don't know how he had us positioned prior to the ACC championship game (i.e. FSU's big upset of VTech), or even prior to the other losses that hurt us (GT/UG, LSU/UG, CU/SC...). There were so many contingencies and so many different possible outcomes that it was hard for him - or anybody - to position us properly.

Even if GDF knew which teams would be available to the bowl selection commitees (which he and the rest of the world knew only several hours before bids officially went out), who knows how much he did. I like to think he did all he could, and we can't fault him for that. But you contend he didn't do enough.

What would you, specifically, have done differently? How would you convince a panel of southern businessmen to take BC over CU and its legendary fans, or NCState when we were in car care, or Champs over local FSU? You can say that "but I'm not the one getting paid to do this" but that's not concinving anyboy that GDF failed, it's just affirming that we don't know who GDF was calling or how often in th weeks leading up to this past Sunday.

Turning down MPC would 1) make BC look like cry babies (consider the perspectice of the ignorant masses who know squat about the bowl system and just catch the headline on ESPN.com), 2) alienate our new conference (and in turn its member schools) by snubbing somebody they are contrctually obligated to, 3) possibly jeopardize future invites to bowls - esepcially to MPC who we might be lucky to play in if we have a mediocre season, 4) rob the senior class of their last game and further their legacy, 5) end the overhyped, but still nice, conseutive-year-bowl-win-streak, and 6) demonstrate total ignorance of the upsides (albeit small in number -- though still worthy of consideration) to the Boise Bowl.

Maybe you can start to put blame on GDF for managing his coaches'decisions (e.g. not starting Matt Ryan, consistently spotty play calling), but I don't really know how much micromanagement capability the AD does, and should, have.

Back to the Boise bowl, consider somethings I said in a previous posts' comments: Sometime a few weeks ago Boise achived this sort of mythical status in the hearts and minds of BC fans as the worst "middle of nowhere" city in America and MPC as the biggest joke of a bowl ever - none of which are fair or correct. But that's how it went, and now this perception has taken on a life of its own and snowballed out of control.

MPC is not the end of the world.


Anonymous JI said ... (12/07/2005 04:23:00 PM) : 

BC Eagle: You're right, GDF couldn't do anything AFTER the end of the regular season regarding bowls. But he should have anticipated a bias against the North BEFORE joining the conference.

He should also fire TOB and/or Dana Bible, who led the 1998 Philadelphia Eagles to the last-ranked NFL offense.

Any ideas for a new Head Coach?


Anonymous Tom said ... (12/07/2005 08:50:00 PM) : 

I don't think I've ever heard a bowl committee member say, "We chose X University because their athletic director made the best pitch." It doesn't really work that way. They KNOW who they want to take and it's ALL about $$ which means it's all about fanbases that travel. Gene can't sell a traveling fan base because we don't have one. If he promised the Champs 10,000 BC fans (which is still low compared to many other ACC schools) in the seats, what would he do when only 5,000 BC fans show up? Shrug his shoulders?

Gene can't singlehandedly restructure the way bowls are selected. It's going to take time to TALK about it. He can't put a gun to Swofford's head and make it happen all by himself. The ADs have to agree on it, which is why Gene said they are going to talk about it at the next meeting. What else can he do?

Should he have anticipated that the northern school in a southern conference will get shafted? Maybe, but I don't think it would've been a good idea for him to come into the league bullying people around and making this league bend to our demands. You can't go around alienating everyone in the conference when you are the new kid on the block. Plus, it appears he is going to work hard to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Also, BC is NOT a powerhouse football program as much as we all would like it to be. This situation sucks, but BC is not in a position to be turning down bowl games.

I understand the other positions on this issue and it really ticks me off that we are going to Boise. I hate the fact that we always lose that 1 (sometimes 2) game(s) that totally ruin(s) our season.

I don't think Gene is infallible and I don't think he is above criticism. But I also don't think Boise is his fault....UNC maybe?

I think GDF has earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt, at least until something really bad happens(and don't tell me that Boise is the worst thing to happen to the athletic department because that just doesn't make sense...)


Blogger Alex L. said ... (12/08/2005 09:47:00 AM) : 

Blaming GDF is ridiculous. Look at the progress of the Atheletic Dept from when he started. Gladchuck was almost a criminal and he lost the OTHER Obrien. GDF came in here and has risen not only FB and BB, but all the other sports too. Now we may not really care about the other sports, but that IS GDF's job. Along with that is to position the Dept in a good conference. Which, in turn, raises more $$$ for the University.

Remember, it was not GDF's final decision to go to the ACC, that went to Fr. Leahy. So clearly, these two guys knew what they were getting into when they joined. Another common mistake that people make is that they forget the current BE is NOT the same as the OLD BE. Don't people remember what happened last year? We got screwed over on a bowl then too. So being in the ACC or BE has nothing to do with it. Nothing.

The one thing I would blame GDF for is TOB. While TOB has done a good job, he has consistently failed to do a GREAT job. We need to step it up to the next level. Win More Games! And this whole problem with the bowls and traveling will go away.

GDF is one of the best ADs out there. I'd sooner replace the entire FB coaching staff then replace GDF.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/08/2005 11:16:00 AM) : 

You mention that the Big East screwed us on a bowl last year. That is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. It was our last year and our punishment for leaving the conference.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/08/2005 11:18:00 AM) : 

Like Father Leahy knows much about conference athletics...


Anonymous Tom said ... (12/08/2005 12:43:00 PM) : 

This a letter sent from the ACC office in response to a complaint:

The ACC doesn’t make the bowl selections. The bowls do. No one is more disappointed than we are that Boston College (and Georgia Tech) were passed over in the selection process for teams with significantly inferior Conference records. We always prefer and encourage bowls to select teams in order of their finish in the Conference. We cannot mandate this, as contractually, the bowls have the sole right of selection because they are financially responsible to their communities for paying the bills. If the choice had been ours, the order would have been different and would have better reflected the accomplishments earned on the field.

This is a transition year for the ACC, as we are in the final year of bowl contracts that were established four years ago when the ACC was a nine-team league. Next year, the Conference will feature a new lineup of bowls with significantly better opponents and more selection safeguards which will better protect teams such as Tech and BC. As it was, the ACC entered this year with only six guaranteed bowl slots. We were fortunate to be able to secure eight bowl destinations for our teams.

What does this actually mean? Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see...


Blogger Alex L. said ... (12/08/2005 02:44:00 PM) : 

Tom, I think it means exactly what it says: going forward starting with next year, the conference will try to position itself so there is less chance that a team with an 8-3 record will get passed over for a team with a 6-5 record. This is one of the many benefits of being in the ACC. In the BE, this would NEVER happen.


Blogger Pete said ... (12/08/2005 04:28:00 PM) : 

I don't know maybe i' am expecting too much from GDF. He has done a good job with some things, but has failed at many others. I just hate attending a BC game and feeling like I' am at the local morgue. The loudest the place got was when the stadium was half empty and kiwi got clipped. Some of the blame goes on the lame fans. It's pretty embarassing that fans from other schools are louder than us. Football is about having fun, making noise, and tailgating. If it means less enforcement on alcohol, so be it. The atmosphere has got to change, and it starts with the AD extending tailgating hours so people can get there by kickoff. I think it is the AD job to tell the people of Chestnut Hill to stick it up your a$$. We're in a top Conference and were going have our fans act like we are. The beautiful only have to put up with it a few days a year. I just think GDF is becoming complacent with his job, its time for new ideas.

As for blaming TOB that absolutely bs. There is not a coach in the country that does so much with so little. Don't really care for Dana Bible, but with that last name i think it tough to fire him. at a catholic institution.


Anonymous JI said ... (12/08/2005 04:57:00 PM) : 

Tom: Encouraging news from the ACC. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous Tom said ... (12/08/2005 10:37:00 PM) : 

I definitely agree with the game day atmosphere. It is seriously lacking. The fans at home games get such a bad reputation, but I don't blame them for being a little late. They spend so much money on a spot and then they are kicked out and forced to go in after a couple of hours or less after all the traffic. We should let them tailgate for like 3.5 or 4 hours at least. That way, they'll be tired of tailgating and will gladly go into the stadium and get rowdy for a game that has been anticipated all day long.

Gene definitely needs to step that up if possible. I know that we have an entertainment license which allows us to have games on campus. Every Monday after a game, we meet with the city and the police department and a decision is made as to whether or not we get the license for the next game.

I honestly don't know how aggressive we have been in terms of improving our tailgating situation, but maybe this whole entertainment license thing makes things difficult because we are paranoid of losing it if there are too many alcohol related problems.

Either way, Gene definitely needs to improve the tailgating if we want our fanbase to grow...


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