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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Globe Criticizes BC Basketball Ticket Sales

Boston Globe writer Joan Vennochi, Boston University '75, has published a scathing criticism of Boston College's decision to make available tickets for the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament only to those who have made a $10,000 dontation to the Flynn Fund (BC Athletics).

According to BC Athletics Director Gene DeFilippo, BC Athletics "has done everything we can to hold the line and do what we think is right and fair. The majority of our fans demanded that we be competitive at the highest level. If we are going to compete at the highest level, there's a price for that." DeFilippo went on to note other, more daunting, donor-based ticket policies at Boston College's peer institutions.

Vennochi argues that such a policy subverts the stated Catholic and Jesuit mission and goals of BC. Venochi quips that the Jesuits now "kneel" to the demands of "the money Gods," and goes on to state:
The BC athletic [sic] department now also prepares students for another life lesson. Value is measured in dollars donated, not by devotion to team over time ... But is [that] the best lesson an institution like BC can teach?
The writer fails to realize the simple principle of supply and demand. Tickets to the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament are highly coveted, and BC, by virtue of it having only been in the conference for one season, does not yet receive a ticket allotment commensurate to those of other ACC schools. Thus, the tickets that BC does receive are even more valuable in the eyes of fans who demand BC be competitive at the highest level.

BC could link the policy to season-ticket holding longevity, but this policy will allow to school to fund scholarships and other important initiatives, and is a more effective means of keeping the tickets off eBay.

As far as the "lesson" this teaches, Boston College has made the choice to have big-time Athletics with the reasoning that it will directly or indirectly help the university fulfill its noble goals - which it arguably has. Although it is controversial, consider the Flutie Factor. You may call Boston College a sell-out, or call it misguided, but at least you can't call it Holy Cross.
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Comments on "Globe Criticizes BC Basketball Ticket Sales"


Blogger None the wiser said ... (12/02/2005 05:47:00 AM) : 

Also interesting to think about what the lower price would do in terms of getting donations from other schools. If it costs me 100k to get tickets from UNC and 10K to get tickets from BC, then I am going to give 10 k to BC even if I am a Carolina fan.


Blogger Pete said ... (12/14/2005 06:05:00 PM) : 

Surprise, surprise. Boston College gives all preference to donors. I happy the globe caught on to this. Sorry i don't have a trust fund set up, nor did i attend Boston College, but i consider myslef a die hard BC fan. What is with donating to this Flynn Fund, i'm tired of BC solicitating me. Not everyone wants to or has the finances to donate 10,000 dollars. And just because you donate ten grand doesn't make you a good fan, it makes you a supporter of the school. I think BC could run a ticket lottery for the ACC Tournament. I'am starting to feel that Boston College is a school only for the wealthy, and not a representative of Massachusetts colleges.


Blogger Bhuck George said ... (10/18/2008 04:57:00 AM) : 

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