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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boston College Set for MPC Computers Bowl

Apologies for the lack of updates, but the most exciting Boston College news during this holiday season occurred when Lindsay Lohan was spotted at a Starbucks on Long Island, NY with a female companion who was sporting a BC sweatshirt.

The Eagles will be playing Boise State in the MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, ID tomorrow afternoon. Gametime is set for 4:30 pm and the bowl will televised nationally on ESPN. Most oddsmakers have BC as a narrow (-1.5) favorite.

This game marks a school-record seventh consecutive bowl game for BC, who has the only team in America that has won a bowl game for the past five years. Both the Boise and Boston media have been gearing up for the event - some of the recent print highlights include:

The Herald explores the past and present reasons why many have dubbed Boston College "O-Line U."

The Globe and Herald relish one final chance to gush over Mathias Kiwanuka, and laud his decision to stay at Boston College for a final year. It's no surprise that Kiwi says all the right things about Boise, his time at BC, and his NFL future.

Tom O'Brien is profiled in the Boise Statesman. Although it was said somewhat facetiously, I was a bit disturbed to read TOB quoted as saying, of his original decision to coach, "I thought I'd rather coach than work for a living."

The Globe takes a closer look at the story behind infamous blue turf at Bronco Stadium. Which reminds me of an "April Fools" article in The Heights in which BC decided to install blue turf in Alumni Stadium.

Quarterback Matt (a/k/a Matty Ice/Vick/Nails) Ryan's efforts to lead the Eagles to an 8-3 record, as well as fill Bronco Stadium with Eagles fans, are highlighted in today's Globe.

Sophomore kicker Ryan Ohliger is profiled in both The Globe and The Statesman.

First and Toal

The Globe is reporting that sophomore linebacker Jolonn Dunbar will start in place of Brian Toal, who continues to mend from a bruised nerve in his neck. TOB said that Toal will see some action - he hopes to use Toal in the short-yardage, goal-line situations, and on defense.

BC Settling for Mediocrity?

Richard Tenorio of The Daily Item (MA) argues that BC should have declined the Boise bowl bid and ridicules BC's on-the-field accomplishments since the 1940 "Team of Glory." Tenorio painfully overuses the now trite "funny bowl game title" in which one imagines the most obscure/random company that can be thought of and slaps Bowl at the end of it (e.g. Bernie & Phyl's Bowl, Fuddruckers Bowl), and believes that two years in the conference makes Virginia Tech a "longstanding member" of the ACC.

Bowl Bounty

According to The Globe:
BC players reaped quite a bowl bounty, each receiving a 27-inch Sony television from the school and a $400 goody bag from organizers of the bowl that included a digital video recorder, a parka, a skull cap, a baseball cap, gloves, and a commemorative football. The NCAA allows each school to spend up to $350 on bowl gifts for its players, and bowl games are allowed to spend $500.
Berglund Wins BC Humanitarian Award

Junior linebacker Dan Berglund was awarded BC's Humanitarian Award for his community service. Berglund, who was originally a walk-on quarterback but later switched to linebacker, served as the president of BC's Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and was named a "Scout Team Member" by the coaching staff this season. According to TOB, the football team was voted as the No. 1 team at Boston College for community service due to Berglund's leadership.
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