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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes XIV

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The analogy of Notre Dame being Montgomery Burns: money, wealth, hated but everyone wants to be him and Boston College being Waylon Smithers: wants to be Mr. Burns so badly but never will is just awesome!
-Blogger "Sean Harmon"

If there were a national championship for graduation rates among bowl teams, Northwestern and Boston College would have played for the National Championship.
-Richard Lapchick

Snow, mountains, a battle against wild horses. This isn't a bowl game for Boston College, it's the Chronicles of Narnia.
-Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline

The big difference that I see can be summed up in one word: aspirations. What BC aspires to now is something very different than what it aspired to when I was a student. Today, BC can truly aspire to excellence, to being a world-class university—and that's something all alumni can be proud of.
-Patrick Stokes ’64, recently named chair of BC's Board of Trustees and president and CEO of Anheuser-Busch

Boston College is Angelina Jolie to Boise's Billy Bob Thornton. And we all know how that union turned out.
-Rob Daniels, Greensboro News-Record (NC), on Boston College in the MPC Computers Bowl

Memo to Boston College athletics director Gene DeFilippo: You should have shown some courage, stood up for your team and just said no ... If BC belonged in Idaho, I'd have already called for my ticket, booked my flight and secured my room. But they don't. So I didn't.
-Joe Sullivan, Union Leader (NH), criticizing GDF for accepting a bid to the "Boise Bowl"

GLBT Dance Quotes

Since when does a dance promote anything?
-Rosemary Conway Beaupre

[Boston College] remains profoundly hostile to the idea that gay people are healthy and whole and valuable human beings ... For that reason, I will never donate even $1 of my wealth to the University.
-Jeff Byrne '89

[T]he people pushing the "BC is anti-gay" theme are unfamiliar with the Jesuits, an order that could not be described as being unfriendly to homosexuals. Perhaps the critics do not appreciate the challenges presented when a Catholic college that is liberal in bent and home to a significant population of barely-closeted gay priests chooses to buck the Vatican ... [C]ritics of the school on this front should appreciate that a certain subtlety is required of Jesuit administrators in walking the fine line they've chosen.
-Mark, BC Blog Commentor

I applaud the BC administration for its cancellation of this supremely un-Catholic event. I pray that the administration will continue to be similarly courageous in the future, and I ask St. Isaac Jogues to pray for them as they attempt to withstand the furious outcry which will no doubt be soon forthcoming from the usual suspects.
-Tony Schiavo '93

Friday I went to a protest rally for equality now because Boston College is a bunch of lame-o's, and cancelled an Aids benefit dance. There were so many sick signs like...All I want for Christmas is my dignity and Judas went for money too.
-LiveJournal user "allikat611"

[W]hoever said that St. Ignatius wouldn't enjoy a dance titled "The GLC Diversity Ball: A Night in Gay Paris?" Maybe it's just a really liberal interpretation of "setting the world aflame."
-The Gongers
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