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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes XIII

Pretty soon I'm going to have to Google "Roman Numerals." Old quotes here.

Recently I’ve learned about how Boston College is a Jesuit education, how kids go there so that they can use their education to help people. Now there’s a practical application. I wish someone had told me that, "You’re going to get this $128,000 education so that you can learn the tools you need in order to help people."
-Blogger Korean Adoptee Bride

The Money gods really do rule sports. Even the Jesuits kneel to their demands.
-Globe columnist Joan Vennochi questioning the values of Boston College

Shit, Gene, I even got kicked out of the WF game for openly drinking in the stands, but I came back (by borrowing a friend's ticket) because I love the team and I'll support BC until I die.
-Eagle Action poster "Alex Fowler"

[T]here are an especially large number of networking opportunities at BC because BC alumni are "extraordinarily loyal," which encourages alumni to help each other in their job search processes.
-Marie Geary, associate director of Career Services at BC, as quoted in Boston University's Daily Free Press

It's the greatest thing that's ever happened.
-Outland Trophy winner Mike Ruth, ostensibly on BC's entrance into the ACC. Easy there, Mr. Ruth.

My favorite sign from the college football season this year came from Gameday's visit to Boston College for the BC/FSU game: "Bowden likes Coldplay" Pure Genius.
-Blogger Rob

Wine and cheesers from schools like BC or UVA might laugh at these collar-down types, but at least shops and restaurants can trace their dollars back to Blacksburg (or Tallahassee or Clemson, etc.).
-The Eagle in Atlanta, on the spending habits and bowl-travel reputations of other ACC schools

Quickly reality slaps them in the face like a pimp slapping his hooker on the sidewalk in front of Warren Towers. And then it sinks in for the fans that couldn't get into Boston College. BU sits at 4-5-1 overall through a fairly easy schedule (RPI, Lowell x 2, UMass Amherst), with the reaper coming ... Remember, you can't spell B-U-S-T without "B-U."
-Pinhead Nation, in anticipation of the upcoming home-and-away battle between BC and rival BU. The teams split the games.
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