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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Increased AHANA Enrollment at BC Lauded

Boston College is now a leading national university in terms of educational opportunities for AHANA students, according to a recent study assessing minority enrollment in American higher education. As compared to the US News & World Report Top 50 "National Universities," BC ranked high in several analyses:
  • Between 1992 and 2002, Boston College recorded the 10th biggest increase in AHANA enrollment.
  • In 2002, BC had the 9th largest Underrepresented Minority Equity Index – the ratio of a school's share of underrepresented minority students to that of its host state.
Undergraduate Admission Director John L. Mahoney responded:
Obviously, this kind of recognition from such a scholarly journal represents tremendous validation for Boston College's recruitment and enrollment of AHANA students over the past decade.
These accolades complement previous recognition of the Office of AHANA Student Programs at Boston College, including identification by the Educational Testing Service as a model retention program, and the Retention Excellence Award from the Noel Levitz National Center for Student Retention.

Boston College has much room for improvement in contunuing to provide opportunities for AHANA students, but this recent recognition is a positive sign for a school whose student body has been labelled "white Irish-Catholic beer-drinking clones.” With any hope, BC will soon be lampooned as, simply, a school of all "beer-drinking clones," period.
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