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Friday, November 18, 2005

Councilor Murphy Seeks to Put Financial Squeeze on BC, Other Area Schools

Bloomberg is reporting the scheme recently proffered by Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy that calls for Boston-area schools to pay $100 per student each semester from their respective endowments to the city in order to "defray the cost of police patrols near campuses, firemen deployed for false alarms, and medical crews responding to emergencies such as alcohol poisoning." BU's Daily Free Press reported on his proposal in October.

Murphy, Stonehill College '79, has been accused of having a "a clearly visible anti-student attitude, which is demonstrated through various unreasonable proposals targeting students that he has continually been pushing for during almost all of his eight years as councilor."

BC spokesman Jack Dunn noted that Boston College pays $242,000 to the city and $117,500 to Newton annually because Boston College. According to Dunn, the major Boston-area universities contribute more than $8 billion to the city economy when the time spent by their students is included.

"It is important to factor in the volunteer contribution and the payment in lieu of taxes in fully measuring the impact the colleges and universities have on the city and the region," said Dunn.

See previous BC Blog coverage for examples of Boston College's community involvement.
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