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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes XI

The Eagle in Atlanta has forced my hand on the latest BC quotes. Sorry in advance for all the football/bowl quotes, but it's that time of year. Read previous quotes here.

If they're available, we'll be all over that.
-MPC Computers Bowl (in Boise, ID) executive director Gary Beck, on Boston College

We need help to avoid a Blue Turf Christmas.
-The Eagle in Atlanta

Boston College will be playing a random ass team like Lousiville or Arizona St. in their bowl game, and will lose that because this school's football history and prestige consists of one pass.
-BC Student Blogger "Casalanca"

Element-proof North Face jackets dominate the campus, and the Plex is littered with indestructible Nalgene bottles- but in all honesty, the only elements the North Face's are conquering are splashed Busch Lights on the 1914 dancefloor, and the only extreme usage Nalgene bottles get is by booze-smuggling Eagles fans in the Alumni Stadium student section.
-The Gongers

Living in the Mods as a senior is the best thing about BC. My roommates and I call it our white trash paradise.
-Jen, Barstool Sports model

Not a bad season, huh, 8-3? For a team that a lot my friends in the Big East said couldn’t play in this league.
-Gene DeFilippo
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