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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes X

It's been a slow news week, and a slow quotes week. Here are the highlights:

No. 94 [Kiwanuka] was freaking unbelievable.
-Wolfpack center Leroy Harris on Mathias Kiwanuka

We know prospective AHANA students want to 'see' diversity on college campuses, not just hear statistics, and I think the diversity is visible on a daily basis here.
-Undergraduate Admission Director John L. Mahoney

The Tobacco Roadies really don't care that Virginia Tech and Miami have shanghaied the football side of the league - it's only football. But watch them get their Izods in a wad if Boston College walks in and finishes second.
-Pat Forde, ESPN.com

Hockey. I'm telling you, that's all we cared about. And how much Boston College sucked at everything.
-Blogger and former BU student Cara McDonough

That Hoveyda's laboratories are at Boston College makes an enormous positive difference to the reputation of Boston College as an international center of scholarly research in organic chemistry.
-Professor David McFadden, chairman of the Chemistry Department, on Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry Amir Hoveyda

A longtime Boston College season-ticket holder said the school has doubled the cost of his tickets ... His plan to recoup some of it: He'll sell his seats for the Duke game.
-Mike Jensen, Inquirer (PA) staff writer

Let's see if we have this straight: Notre Dame ... decided to end its series with Boston College. Notre Dame has lost four straight to Boston College. All a coincidence, right?

One thing I don't like about Boston College, if I may rant for a bit, is the Core Curriculum. See, I came here not knowing what I wanted to major in or grow up to be. I still don't know. That said, I had a pretty definitive idea of what I wanted no part of in my adult life ... I know [the core] might be a cool thing, Jesuits, but it's annoying as all hell.
-Student Blogger Casalanca
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Comments on "Boston College: In Quotes X"


Anonymous Swift said ... (11/15/2005 07:54:00 PM) : 

To Mrs. McDonough's point:

Boston University Football - Undefeated since 1997.


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