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  For Boston, for Boston,
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes VIII

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The official name is the Silvio O. Conte Forum, which sounds like something in a tony section of L.A. or maybe close to the Colosseum in Rome.
-Chip Alexander, newsobserver.com

From the buttery smell of popcorn, to the buzz of thousands of fans in the main concourse of Conte Forum above the echoes of "For Boston," emanating from the trumpets of the pep band, the senses indicated one conclusion: Hockey and the winter season at Conte have officially begun.
-Jeff Weinstein, USCHO.com

Boston College? How about Boston Public’s girl’s team.
-Alex Fanaroff, Duke student writer, disparaging the BC men's basketball team

Why do people decide to live and work at Boston College? That's simple. They believe in and want to emulate the University's mission of producing community members that are men and women for others.
-The Heights Editorial Board

Most of us [at Boston College] are pretty wrapped up in ourselves, especially at a university as affluent as this one. We hear about things like the genocide in Sudan, the earthquake in Pakistan, and mudslides in Guatemala, feel sorry for a moment, and move on. But how do we get that way?
-Shawna Gallagher Vega, The Heights

I'm watching the Virginia Tech v. Boston College game right now and ... they just showed this shot of a guy wearing a BC helmet with like a castle mounted on top. i'm not even kidding it was a helmet with a castle and wings on the front that flapped back and forth.
-Blogger AmandaLauren

...after we beat 6-5 New Mexico in the Spencer's Gifts Fake Dog Poop Bowl in Reno on Dec. 9th ... the losers on here [will be] celebrating and calling the New Mexico win the "turning point" in TOB's tenure.
-EagleAction Message Boarder CaptainCoop, posted while chastizing "defeatist" BC fans
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Comments on "Boston College: In Quotes VIII"


Anonymous AHL said ... (11/02/2005 02:56:00 PM) : 

Hey! My birthday is Dec 9th! ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/04/2005 09:03:00 AM) : 

Great Quote Reporting...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/04/2005 09:06:00 AM) : 

This is so typical of the pomp and arrogance that is Duke University. Hopefully the BC fan base will get fired up and realize what the other ACC schools did long ago...that Duke Sucks. I hope Alex Fanaroff enjoys playing with his model trains this friday night.


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