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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes IX

Go back and read previous quotes about Boston College. So what if you've already read them all. Read them again, they'll make you happy. Mostly.

Sometimes being a BC fan is like being Tantalus from Greek mythology.
-Superfan blogger Eagle in Atlanta

ACC traditionalists who wondered whether BC should be in their league soon may wonder if their schools can stay in BC's.
-Ned Barnett, The News Observer (NC)

Chestnut Hill, Mass ... Average [home] price: $811,525. For that much money and that little warmth, you should get a free reenactment of Flutie-to-Phelan in the backyard once a year.
-Pat Forde, ESPN.com

One thing about the Jesuits: It's like a family here.
-Tom O'Brien

One of the few things uniting my most conservative and liberal students at Boston College is their shared moral revulsion about torture. One of my students was so outraged that he dressed himself in a gown and black hood, attached wires to his arms and pelvis, and stood on a crate outside a Boston military recruitment station as a moral protest against the Administration’s actions at Abu Ghraib. He was promptly arrested as a potential terrorist.
-Professor Charles Derber

While we think it's good for BC to focus on academic research, it's important to make sure that the faculty doesn't lose sight of the fact that this is still primarily an undergraduate institution. Students enjoy that they're being taught by world-renowned professors who are performing and sharing their research with undergrads.
-The Heights Editorial Board

For people to be talking about Boston College in a town that also has the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots is quite an accomplishment. This has put a little more juice in our punch.
-Al Skinner

Boston College is the rare American university in that ... we have found a successful balance between academics and athletics.
-Jack Dunn
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