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Monday, October 10, 2005

Virginia Suspends Brad Butler for "The Hit"

The University of Virginia has suspended thug Brad Butler for one game for the vicious, illegal cut-block hit that he put on Boston College defensive lineman Mathias Kiwanuka during this week's 28-17 victory by BC. The UVA Athletics website has issued statements from some of the involved parties, available here.

A video of this atrocious hit by Butler is available here.

John Swofford, ACC Commissioner, has also issued a statement.

See the Boston College Blog's previous coverage of "Butlergate" here.

This bum should be gone for the season. UVA's actions and the statements made by their personnel (and the statement by Swofford) are very weak. Brad Butler "regrets this event occurred?" How about "I'm embarrassed at my decision and I am very, very sorry?"
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Comments on "Virginia Suspends Brad Butler for "The Hit""


Anonymous Tom said ... (10/12/2005 11:33:00 PM) : 

Bruce Feldman:

4. The Butler Did It: Glad to see Al Groh came down on his lineman Brad Butler for that wicked cheap shot that could've ended Mathias Kiwanuka's career. Personally, I don't think Groh came down hard enough on Butler. I think he should've kept him off the field for a month. I talked to an O-lineman Tuesday morning to get a different perspective on this.

"The chop block was gutless," the player said. "I hate that kind of stuff; being an offensive lineman, there is a clear need to cut defenders down and sometimes a lot, depending on your team's offensive system, but that is clearly going after someone.

"I was glad to see Virginia come down on him, and hopefully people will think twice at cheap shots. We are all vulnerable out there at times, and there has to be some kind of honor on the field. That goes for both sides of the ball because defenders cheap-shot just as much."


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