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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ted Sarandis Out as Host of "The Nation"

Sportscaster Ted Sarandis, a play-by-play announcer for BC men's basketball, will no longer be hosting "The Nation" (a/k/a "Ted Nation"), a top-rated sports talk program on WEEI (850 AM). Sarandis will still be announcing the men's basketball games. Coverage from The Globe.

This is a loss for Boston College because, as BC Athletic Director Gene DeFlilipo has said, Sarandis "has been a tremendous proponent of college basketball in this town, and a tremendous proponent of Boston College." Ted has supported BC Athletics in a city which has been incessantly referred to as a "professional sports town."

As one blogger recently put it, "Ted Sarandis' incessant yammering notwithstanding, people for the most part simply don't give a hoot about college sports [in Boston] unless they attended those schools."

That incessant yammering has been sweet music to Eagle ears everywhere, and I'm sure Sarandis will find another home.

UPDATE: John Molori of Patsfans.com has an update on the departure of Ted Sarandis from his WEEI prime-time radio show. Molori reports that WEEI made it impossible for Sarandis to continue hosting Ted Nation "without continuing to sacrifice some basic dignity." It was news to me that Sarandis was working without a contract and was the lowest paid of WEEI’s regular hosts.

UPDATE: See update here.
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