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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Student Season Tickets: What Was the Big Deal?

After first learning about how angry many students were over the recent season ticket sales incident(s), I did not understand. However, a quick eBay search made me understand why some woud be upset:

Notwithstanding the fact that this may violate eBay's Event Ticket Resale Policy, it's unfair. What's a Superfan to do?
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Comments on "Student Season Tickets: What Was the Big Deal?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/01/2005 01:56:00 PM) : 

How is this unfair? I know personally the kid who sold these specific tickets. He waited out there next to me, same as everyone else who got them, from 8pm on, prepared to spend the night. I don't think he went in to it with the intent of selling. He has a lot of student loans to cover. He had the same chance as anyone else. He capitalized on what the market was willing to pay. Personally, I think it only shows how excited superfans are about this season and is a good thing, because it builds excitement for those who do have tickets. As econ. Prof. Tresch would say, there's an oppurtunity cost of 600 dollars by using my own tickets to go to the games. Other people are now selling their tickets for 200-300 for the whole season. That doesn't seem that unreasonable to me either.


Blogger BC Eagle said ... (12/01/2005 02:30:00 PM) : 

That's a good point. I suppose my gut reaction was to label the re-sale unfair because of other Superfans who have student loans to cover and thus can't afford a few hundred % markup on tickets. Your point that other students had the same chance to get them mitigates this point, but I doubt that everybody had the same chance to get them.

The utter lack of notice by BC Athletics as to how the situation was going to be handled (consider the previous online sales debacle) certainly undermines the point that everybody had a same chance to get the tickets.

It was also "unfair" because those are STUDENT tickets. The school has a STUDENT section for some very obvious reasons. If these tickets were bought by a legitimate BC student, that's one thing, but if not, it's arguably unfair. Now, some non-student will be standing in the student section, thus violating policy, but more importantly undermining the whole purpose of having a student section.

Whether is was "fair" or "unfair" aside, I just think that a BC student values a few hundred dollars over being there to cheer the team on, in person, during his student years, is a bad fan. I know you feel it is OK for him to profit off the excitement around his classmates who play ball, and there is no obligation to be a good fan, but it's just my point of view that other students have a right to be upset over this activity and that them labelling the whole situation "unfair" is valid.


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