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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Newton TAB Coverage of Boston College is Unfair

As previously discussed, the Allston-Brighton TAB accused Boston College of engaging in a secret deal (as they describe it, "on the QT") to purchase the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Virtually the same article by staff writer Auditi Guha appears in today's issue of the Newton TAB, available here.

After a closer reading of the article, I realized that Guha quotes BC EVP Patrick Keating out of context. Keating is quoted as saying, "we want title to it... because it is critical to the development of the lower campus. It's right in the middle of all this land." Guha's article implies that "it" is the Reservoir, though a reading of September 8th Heights article from which Keating's quote was taken reveals that he was actually referring to the four-acre Pine Tree Preserve (that small, fenced piece of land between the Edmonds parking lot and Shea Field). It has long been BC's goal gain title to the Preserve.

It is indeed BC's stated hope to lease and maintain the reservoir; Keating said that BC "would fix up the pathway, put in lights, [BC would] provide security, and [would] provide landscaping." However, the idea that BC is in the midst of a purchase, or fear that the community will lose access to the grounds if the BC does ever gain custody or title to the reservoir, is unfounded. BC has a very open campus, and there is no reason to believe that the school would ever exclude the community from the reservoir.

A BC acquisition of the property would facilitate improved safety and aesthetics for the increasingly unkempt reservoir. Local residents should hope that their unfounded (albeit not completely outrageous) theory that BC is in the midst of a closed-door deal is true.

The reason for the second post, at the risk of redundancy, is to emphasize the real story: the TAB, and many local residents, are being completely unfair to Boston College.

Case-in-point, the Newton TAB takes a gratuitous jab at BC students in today's article covering the recent protest in support of recently-ousted Rev. Walter Cuenin:
Even some Boston College students got in on the action, mockingly screaming "Yeah, we love Walter, too," from a Brighton apartment window, before returning to [watch the Sox game on television].
As if Boston College does not care about Rev. Cuenin; perhaps the TAB forgot when Cuenin was invited to speak at BC for a Church in the 21st Century event, or missed The Heights' coverage of the planned protest.
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