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Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Developments in Debate Over the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

After its misquote of Boston College EVP Patrick Keating regarding Boston College's alleged interest in acquiring the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, the Brookline TAB has published another article today correcting the error to note that Keating was referring to BC's desire to purchse the 4-acre Pine Tree Preserve, not the Reservoir.

Today's Heights
also has an editorial, adding to the back-and-forth.

Although there do not seem to be any substantive developments in this story, I am inclined to make two points to support the previously made contention that the community is being unfair to Boston College.

First, local "activist" Eva Webster had this to say in today's TAB:
"Giving this open space reservoir to BC even under a lease would be extremely dangerous. We cannot be giving our public property to private institutions"... She pointed to boathouses and land on the Charles River which were leased to Harvard and other universities, but never reverted back for public use.
Yes, Eva, and what a pity it is, how Harvard has allowed the banks of the Charles to become overgrown and deteriorate into a haven of criminal activity.

Second, with respect to the Newton TAB's previously discussed cheap-shot at Boston College students for "making a mockery" of a protest in support of Rev. Cuenin, the editors should read today's article in the BC student newspaper to discover the actual reaction to this incident.
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