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Friday, October 28, 2005

Boston College Sports: October 28, 2005


The Virginia Tech Hokies defeated the Eagles 30-10 last night in Blacksburg, VA. Read coverage at www.bceagles.com and insightful commentary by the Eagle in Atlanta.

Boston College vs. Notre Dame No More

Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald is reporting that Notre Dame has decided to stop playing Boston College after the 2010 season, citing "damage the jubilant Eagles did to the field and locker room at Notre Dame Stadium" after BC embarassed the Irish on their homefield three years ago.

With regard to the alleged locker-room incident, Boston College Athetics Director Gene DeFilippo said that it was "not nearly as bad as it was made out to be, believe me." Regarding Notre Dame's decision to avoid playing BC in the future, GDF said it all:
Scheduling only happens when it's mutually beneficial and if it's not beneficial to them, then that's up to them and they don't have to play. I really, really doubt that those are the reasons. If so, why are we playing in '07, '08, '09, '10?
Notre Dame will replace BC and in turn bolster its schedule with perennial powerhouse Rutgers, while BC will be forced to schedule pushovers Texas (current BCS #1) or Georgia (#4).

While we're on the topic of Notre Dame, The Onion has a nice parody of the ND reaction to yet another delay in their "return to glory."

UPDATE: In response to the report that the alleged locker room incident prompted ND to cancel the series, Notre Dame associate AD John Heisler said, "that's crazy ... That has nothing to do with it. This is one aspect of our long-term scheduling that we've been working on for several years."

Ice Hockey

The Heights has an article on the Gionta brothers, Brian (BC '01) and Stephen ('06).

Stephen will lead the Eagles as they host the Black Bears of Maine University tonight.

Brian, now an NHL star with the New Jersey Devils and who once defied reality by scoring an absurd five goals in a single period, will be playing in front of former BC goaltender Scott Clemmensen tonight. Clemmensen is the backup for the Devils and is starting for an injured Martin Brodeur.

Four members of the women's squad have been chosen to represent Boston College in the first ever "Hockey East All-Star Game." The undefeated (2-0-1) women take on Princeton this Saturday in the Nichols Tournament in Buffalo, NY.

Men's Basketball

Boston College has entered the season ranked #11 in the ESPN/USA Today Preseason Coaches poll.

The Charlotte Observer has a Q&A with Al Skinner.
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