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Friday, October 28, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes VII

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Make a pit stop at the notorious Boston College dive bar Maryann's for a thirst-quencher between miles 22 and 23 of the Boston Marathon.
-SportsIllustrated.com, listing a visit to Maryann’s as #4 on the list of “101 More Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate"

[Boston College]'s track record speaks to the contrary. Many of our students are active in the area, volunteering and heading community services groups. If BC and its students were to just leave, the A-B community and its economy would be negatively affected.

-Ryan Heffernan, Heights Editor-in-Chief, responding to criticism by Boston City Councilor Jerry McDermott that BC is "bad neighbor" to Allston-Brighton

The Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation would like to thank the Appalachia Volunteers for their work at our second annual Fall Clean Up event at Ringer Park ... It was great to collaborate with Boston College on this busy day at the park, and we hope to continue this partnership in the future. Again, thank you for your help.
-Heather Knopsnyder, Organizer with the Allston-Brighton CDC

All the evidence Freud would ever have needed to diagnose Boston College’s incurable case of football envy [is that] the proudest moment in BC's thin football tradition remains the fact that they once knocked off ND in an important game. That says it all. BC will always be ND's little brother.
- David Thomas Murphy

I am about to utter the three most taboo words in UConn athletics today - "Boston College Eagles." … If I were a New England high school recruit ... trying to choose between UConn and BC, it wouldn't take me long to punch my ticket to Chestnut Hill, Mass.
-Chris Licata, Conn student

In soccer parlance, shutouts are known as "clean sheets." This fall, Boxford's Lindsey McArdle and her Boston College teammates have stockpiled more clean sheets than Bed Bath & Beyond.
-Tim Bresnahan, Salem News staff writer, on the remarkable 12 shutouts recorded by the women’s soccer team so far this season

It's not like we're coming [into the ACC] from the Atlantic 10.
-Al Skinner, BC men's basketball head coach, giving a nod of respect to the Big East while discussing the hype surrounding BC's entrance into the ACC

Boston College graduates football players AND wins football games. Boston College graduated 100% of its football players in 2004 and won its fifth bowl game in five years ... There is another way. SMU does it wrong. Boston College does it right. SMU needs to start doing it right. Period.
-SMU Football Blog, after lamenting BC head coach Tom O'Briens choice of BC over SMU (Southern Methodist University)

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