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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Boston College: In Quotes VI

By popular demand, the BC Blog is proud to present Boston College: In Quotes VI. Read previous quotes about Boston College here.

They don't call him the Cookie Monster because he likes desserts. He eats up the touches and finishes them off with lay-ins and dunks.
-Jay Bilas, ESPN.com, on Craig Smith

Okay this weekend is homecoming at BC and I for one will not attend. I love getting dressed up more than Liberachhi [sic] but how can you have homecoming without a football game???
-Blogger “RussDawg

At a university like this, you know that somebody [you meet] is going to be that next great person in society.
-Louis Hinnant, Boston College senior point guard

When I think of a typical BC student, I think of alligator sweater-over-their-button-down-shirt wearing, pompous Christians, with the girls wearing their bright, spring pastels and 500-dollar jeans.
-Alex Alben, Boston University Sophomore

And while we realize this is a complicated problem, involving students, neighbors, landlords and Boston College, we are frustrated, angry and frightened that we are losing our neighborhood.
-Residents of Allston-Brighton, in an open letter to BC and Boston, complaining about the noise made by Boston College students housed off-campus

seems to be at a place in its history that is unique. There's lots of energy and excitement around building academic programs, hiring new faculty, attracting an increasingly strong student body. I wanted to be a part of that.
-Cynthia Young, newly appointed director of the Black Studies program

At a Catholic institution like Boston College, for example, a generation ago there would have been no discussion of homosexuality. When I visited recently to talk about that very subject, the preppy, conservative student president was openly gay.
-Andrew Sullivan, journalist, blogger

I'm gonna throw my face in as far as I can and hope I don't suffocate.
-Mathias Kiwanuka on his game-plan for Pie-a-palooza

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