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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Boston College In The News

The EagleEyes Project is in the news this week; the Danvers Herald has a story on this innovative technology developed by Boston College Professor James Gips, which facilitates communication and learning for those with severe physical disabilities. The technology allows users to move a computer pointer on a screen by using only their eyes.

Whenever there's an earthquake, no matter how large or small, Boston College's Weston Observatory is always on the ready, this time detecting a tremor near Lowell, MA.

A fan of the BC blog recently brought to my attention "The BC," which is a parody of the show "The OC." Those of us without access to BCTV can watch this show created by BC students here. The show was featured in The Heights, and was also in today's Boston Herald. According to the Herald, "the Green Line rivalry with BU...drives much of the parody. BU characters suit up in Champion sweatshirts and dogtags, while their BC counterparts wear Lacoste polo shirts with popped collars." Sounds more like a documentary to me.

Boston College QB Quinton Porter was named an ACC player of the week for his performance against UVA. Porter came back from a two-game absence to throw for over 300 yards. I give Porter a lot of credit for telling coach O'Brien to warm up backup Matt Ryan in case Porter could not continue due to possible re-injury of his ankle during the second quarter; many other players would have kept the injury a secret in order to increase their own playing time, thus undermining the best interest of the team. Thanks, Quinton.

Finally, former BC hockey star Patrick Eaves was called up to the Ottawa Senators from their AHL squad (due in part to an injury of center Mike Fisher). *UPDATE* It looks like Eaves will be back in the AHL after one game, in which he was a non-factor. There is a nice article about his brief NHL stint here.
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Anonymous AHL said ... (10/11/2005 03:44:00 PM) : 

BCEagle said: "Sounds more like a documentary to me"



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