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  For Boston, for Boston,
  We sing our proud refrain!

  For Boston, for Boston,
  'Tis widsom's earthly fane.

  For here all are one, and
  their hearts are true, and
  The towers on the Heights
  reach to Heaven's own blue.

  For Boston, For Boston,
  Till the echoes ring again!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boston College Blog in The Heights

The Boston College Blog is featured in The Heights today. Welcome, Heights readers.

New visitors may wish to start by viewing old posts by category or surf through the popular "Boston College: In Quotes" feature.

Also, the Boston College Blog has unveiled a new-look, three-column format based on reader feedback and suggestions. There are currently some known issues, mostly with font sizing, which should be resolved shortly. Please e-mail any other issues.
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