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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Boston College Beats Virginia 28-17

Boston College defeated the University of Virginia Cavaliers yesterday at The Heights for BC's first home ACC victory. Read the game recap at www.bceagles.com.


During the game, UVA Tackle Brad Butler assaulted Boston College defensive star Mathias Kiwanuka by illegally cut-blocking him from behind. View a video of the crime here.

Much has been written about this egregiously flagrant cheap-shot that was intended to severely injure Kiwi, so I will keep my commentary to a minimum. Superfan blogger Eagle in Atlanta is all over this story, so please visit over there for more thorough coverage and links.

I personally have never heard louder boos at a BC game than when this ridiculously shameful play was shown on the big screen. The intense reaction by both the crowd and the team to this pathetic, Laimbeer-esque assault propelled the Eagles to victory.

For the most part, the UVA fans in attendance did not revel in this embarrassing representation of their school, and for that I give them some credit. But the often-repeated line that "UVA is the class of the ACC" is, after this play and UVA coach Al Groh's decision to not immediately bench Butler, a joke. I don't even think UVA would be "the class" of the SEC. See coverage from the UVA student paper regarding the play's implications on the school's reputation.

Sorry, I said I was going to keep commentary to a minimum, but the more I think of this play, the more I am brought back to the moment at Alumni yesterday.

The Game, By The Numbers

0 - The number of times UVA has beaten Boston College
3 - The number of times UVA has played BC
5 - Touchdowns by BC linebacker Brian Toal, after 2 scores this week
22 - The number of NFL scouts reportedly on hand
14 - Boston College's ranking after the victory
1993 - The last time BC was as high as high as #14
111 - Penalty yards assessed to BC

The Game, By The Quotes

''Yeah, it got us angry ... Our next drive, you could see our O-linemen - bam! bam! bam! - right down the field. It's the last time anybody takes a cheap shot on us. -Quinton Porter, Boston College QB

"Were the Cavaliers still stewing over some bad chowder they had in their last visit to Boston 42 years ago?" -Michael Vega, Boston Globe columnist, referring to chippy play by the UVA squad

"Boston College coach Tom O'Brien said today that he will ask the ACC to review the incident so they can tell him 'if that's the way we're going to play football in this league.'" -ESPN.com

"Ohliger, said O'Brien, 'was all over the field with his kicks.' Everywhere but between the uprights." -Lenny Megliola, reporter for the MetroWest Daily News, referencing BC kicker Ryan Ohliger's three missed FGs

By the time that replay [of Butler's cheapshot] faded to black, the fans here had snapped out of their Red Sox malaise ... The BC sideline simmered with a lust for vengeance." -Aaron McFarling, columnist for roanoke.com

"Butler was on some Cobra Kai shit." -Blogger Ian of "Sexy Results," referring to UVA thug Brad Butler

"...it is clear to Butler that Kiwi is limping and his reaction seems to be 'Here's my chance!!!'" -Michael Ireland, EagleAction.com staff writer

"No comment." -the actual answer given by Brad Butler, miserable disgrace to the University of Virginia and college athletics, when asked whether or not he was instructed to "take Mathias out"

Why Wasn't That a Safety?

While the game was knotted up at 14-14, BC freshman Paul Anderson came up with a huge punt block. The UVA kicker, Chris Gould, ran to recover the ball, which had bounced down inside the UVA 5 yard line. Instead of pouncing on it, Gould kicked the ball out of bounds with the intention of giving Boston College 2-point safety, rather than possession at the UVA 2-yard line.

As explained by an article from The Daily Progress, due to an obscure rule which states that a punter cannot kick a ball twice, the play was ruled dead upon the illegal contact and BC was awarded half the distance to the goal. The Eagles shortly put up 7 points.
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Comments on "Boston College Beats Virginia 28-17"


Anonymous Tom said ... (10/10/2005 12:47:00 PM) : 

More on ButlerGate from Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel...

The Inaugural 'Dirtiest Play In Football History' Award

Virginia tackle Brad Butler

Maybe that's overstating it -- but not by much. In a blatant attempt to sideline Boston College's star defensive end, Mathias Kiwanuka, the Cavaliers senior came up from behind Kiwanuka in the third quarter of a 7-7 game Saturday and dove into the back of the All-America's knees after the whistle had already blown on an incompletion. The appalling play set off a firestorm, as the BC crowd went nuts, Eagles DT Al Washington jumped on Butler and got ejected and, later, Kiwanuka got ejected for throwing a punch in retaliation. Somehow, Butler got off scot free, playing the rest of the game (which the suddenly angry Eagles won 28-17), and hardly seemed remorseful afterward. "I play hard and play to the whistle," he told the Washington Post. "That's how all of our linemen play." Either head coach Al Groh is encouraging chop-blocking, or Butler has a contorted interpretation of "playing to the whistle." Either way, Groh needs to send a message and sit Butler for Virginia's next game.


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