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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The BC / Chestnut Hill Reservoir Saga Continues

In the latest Brookline TAB, Boston College spokesman and Director of Public Affairs Jack Dunn has called out Auditi Guha's erroneous reporting (previously exposed by this blog here). Dunn once again explains that Boston College cannot buy the reservoir because it is not for sale. The reservoir currently serves as a backup (though presently non-potable) water supply and is slated to remain as such for the next 20 years.

The same issue of the TAB features more boo-hooing from the locals; this time Arshag Mazmanian fears that BC is going to build "a surf-making machine to provide its students with benefits normally available at seacoasts." Easy there, Maz.

TAB Columnist Mark Leccese has brought some light to the subject in a trite "modest proposal" essay. Mr. Leccese suggests that Boston College might as well take over ALL of Brookline, noting that its town budget is about $192 million while BC's operating budget last year was $573 million. Cute - but I say be careful what you wish for.
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