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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Season Ticket Follow-Up

The Heights is reporting today that, at the last moment, administrators nixed plans to sell season tickets (for both basketball and hockey) at 7am today (as became the plan after the online ticket debacle) and hastily began sales last night at midnight.

Students inverviewed by The Heights described the atmosphere last night, when thousands gathered in and around Conte to form a line for the early morning sale time, as "incredible" and "what big time athletics is all about."

However, it was not all fun and games.

At 10pm, the Heights shut the doors to the Conte Forum, which angered those students still in line; as word spread that the doors were closed, the students "turned into a mob that rushed the doors of Conte. Students banged on doors and chanted, hoping to be allowed in."

Complaints of the students were many; some complained that seniority was not taken into account during the ticketing process, others were dismayed at the lack of communication to the students waiting outside Conte.

UPDATE: An open letter from BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo regarding this years' season tickets sales from bceagles.com. I've always been impresed with DeFilippo's work at the Heights. His letter offers a clear explanation of things, which I think the students will appreciate. Just get it right next year! Oh, and win big on 2/1/06.
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Comments on "Season Ticket Follow-Up"


Anonymous JW said ... (9/29/2005 04:56:00 PM) : 

It's about time the students showed some excitement for BC b-ball. Despite the amazing start last season, the student section was still noticeably thin until the 'Nova game in mid-January (BC was 14-0 at this point, coming off big road wins at UConn and West Virginia). I just hope this excitement doesn't go away after the first home loss.


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