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Sunday, September 25, 2005

BC Football: A 'Waste' of a Good Team?

From Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News:
Do you think ANYONE in Boston knows how good Boston College is? What a waste of a good team. Just imagine the fever the Eagles would create if they nested in a classic small-town college.
Interesting perspective; I can't say I disagree. It is hard to get Boston to notice, and harder to get Boston to care... but when that time does come for the current football team, it is going to be even better than it would in a small college town.

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Comments on "BC Football: A 'Waste' of a Good Team?"


Anonymous Tom said ... (9/26/2005 03:08:00 PM) : 

I can't really disagree either, although I do believe that this is slowly starting to change, emphasis on 'slowly.' The move to the ACC combined with the types of seasons the football and basketball teams had last year has kept BC in the news for 24 months. The partnership with FSG is huge, as there are now huge BC football billboards in the city and on the backs of Coca-Cola trucks, etc. The best way to get Boston into BC athletics is to just keep winning. The city has always supported a winner including BC. The BC-FSU game had great ratings in Boston, especially after the Sox game was over. It's unrealistic to think we will become more popular than any of the pro teams in the city, but we will have our place. Baby steps, baby steps...


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