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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ball State to Play Without 9 Starters vs. BC

As reported by the Star Press of East Central Indiana:
Ball State will face its most severe shortcoming in personnel this season when it finishes its non-conference football schedule Saturday at Boston College.

Cardinals coach Brady Hoke was informed Sunday that 16 players will be suspended or recommended for suspension pending NCAA approval for obtaining free textbooks that they weren't entitled to have. The books were provided under terms of their scholarships.

When suspensions were originally announced on Sept. 2 for the violation of NCAA rules, five players were supposed to miss this week's game. Ball State's ongoing investigation of the book-loan program more than tripled that number.

That is really unfortunate. Ball State will have only five defensive linemen (instead of the customary eight) this weekend against one of the top O-lines in the nation...
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